A connected and kind community is a resilient community.

Mindful Mushroom is a project run by a small cooperative of change-makers currently operating as a non-profit organization. We started with bringing support to a mushroom farm, due to COVID-19.


Together we want to bring back the importance of localisation and of giving value to our community. Together we want to activate a conscious and engaged community in pursuit of a shared vision for a better world.

We want to embrace and cultivate empathy so we might create the optimal conditions for people to flourish and thrive, in balance with the planet.

Our mission is to build an alternative way of living that values people above profit, sustainability over growth and promotes kindness and inclusion of all.

Self Growth Journey

 We believe that individual actions can be very powerful and should be given the right value. The self-growth journey is one for self-sufficiency and expansion of consciousness. 

Community Building
& Education

 Mindful Mushroom is with and for the community. We are here to learn and grow together. We hope to provide educational content and community events and initiatives in Amsterdam. 


Connection to our authentic selves; connection to the food we consume; connection to the planet. Connection is the key to understanding the part we can play in shaping the future.

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Mindful Mushroom © Created by the Amsterdam community for the Amsterdam community