Mindful Mushroom is about getting a lot of people involved so we can all grow and learn from each other.  We want to build a community not only with our events but also with projects and small initiatives around town. We are always open to new ideas and collaborations! Take a look on what we have on the plate so far.

Become an ambassador, help spread the message & love for the community, and get a great deal on mushrooms.

We are looking for volunteers to help us out with some of our projects! Are you an influencer, web designer, or a graphic designer? Please reach out to us.

We look for volunteers to help us develop some of our Guerilla Farming ideas! Currently, we have the Project Seeds of Hope but we also would like to start a project on growing mushrooms on park's logs.


Reach out to us on Social Media if you have any idea on how we could start! 

Would you like to know more about Plant Medicine? Wanna help with any of our events? Are you looking for other mushrooms not listed in our webshop? Contact us through one of our Social Media channels or send us a message on WhatsApp +31 639 1334 54

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