Guerilla Farming

(Seeds of Hope)

Each seed becomes a piece of art. Each flower feeds the bees and pollinators.  Seeds of Hope was created to spread flowers and beauty around Amsterdam.

A revolution starts when a seed is planted

Sunflowers can be grown in pots or sown directly into the ground. They can be started off indoors in early spring and will grow quite happily on a window sill for a time. Alternatively, seeds can be planted outside directly once the risk of frost has passed. And now is the perfect time to start planting them around Amsterdam.


The idea is to plant several sunflowers all around the city. With them, we want to try to have an exponential impact and spread hope around. The Seeds of Hope project aims to reconnect us with germination, nature, the sun and the rain. These flowers also serve another purpose as an attractant to pollinators, especially bees.


Let thee sunflowers remind us that, to grow, we need to be light seekers.

How to start


It's actually much more simple than you think! Take a look at the steps below:


1) Get some sunflower seeds. Either buy by clicking on the buttons below or any other shop of your preference. OBS: sunflower seeds for birds work also really well when planted. 


2) Germinate them. See the video below and the links for more information.


3) Go for the experience. Try to regain your connection with nature, with your food, and with our farming. 


4) Get some gardening tools to dig the ground and plant your sunflowers. You can do that in your own garden, at your balcony or somewhere in the city.


5) You can plant them outdoors right after they start sprouting), 3-4 seeds in each hole to improve the chances of them growing. If all grow then just keep the strongest ones. The other option is to keep sprouts on a pot by your window until there are strong enough for the street (streets are tough homie) 


6) Share your experience and how they grow with us on Social Media! #seedsofhopeamsterdam


7) Send the location where you planted them and photos to +31 639 1334 54 by whatsapp. We will update the google maps with all sunflowers. 


Sunflowers like plenty of sun but also like to be kept moist. Choose a sunny spot for maximum exposure to the sun when planting your sunflower. Ensure your water it regularly too but make sure it doesn’t get waterlogged.


For more info on how to germinate, click here


Be part of something meaningful that adds value to others. So tomorrow you can tell that you were part of the change. Join us on this journey! The change is literally in your hands :)

Click on the button to see our interactive map with sunflowers planted

The small flowers need to be watered frequently.  It's a big city and we cannot do it alone

Image by Jordan Cormack
Sunflower Close Up
Sunflower Field
Farming Scene

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