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About The Experience 

You can now have both truffles and a psychedelic ceremony channeled to your home without ever having to put on a mask or set foot outside!

We will mail the truffles right to your door and assist you through our ceremonial approach to doing psychedelics. 


Here is a bit more specifics on what you will receive:

  • Legal truffles from the Netherlands sent directly to your door prior to our ceremony together


  •  A pre-ceremony 1-to-1 chat with one of our facilitators. Sharing with you the practical things you need to know when we connect online. And discussing the topics of
    ‘set and setting’, Intention and integration


  •  Access to the online psychedelic ceremony. More details about the ceremony will be shared in your 1-to-1 chat. For now, here are some quick pointers on what you will get:

    • A ritual opening of the ceremony space together with your facilitator and the other members of your group. Allowing you to settle in and center on your intention

    • A sound journey specifically curated to follow the arch of the psilocybin experience. From post digestion, onset, peak experience and through the comedown

    • Access to an online sitter, that you can request to speak with in case you need assistance

    • A ritual closing of the ceremony, with the option to stay and connect if you have questions, things to share or you just want to hang out


  • Access to a group share integration chat on the day after ceremony. Taking advantage of the groups teachings as a whole. That way one persons teaching can be everyone's teaching 


  • On completion of the three phases of your online ceremony journey (1-to-1 chat, Online Ceremony, and Group Integration chat), you will be eligible for membership in the PsychedeliClub



What we would like from you:


  • That you agree with our terms and conditions and are willing to sign a liability waiver prior to joining our events


  • That you are willing to devote enough time towards working with the truffle. Meaning that you are willing to participate in a 30 minute 1-to-1 chat before joining the ceremony,
    and a group share integration chat on the day after ceremony


  • That you are willing to share some personal information with us so that we can fulfill our role as safeguards for your experience to the best of our ability. And so we can send you our little goodie truffle gift box ;)




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Love and Light 

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