We are an expanding collective, mindful of our impact on the supply chain, on the city, and on one another's lives.


Modern society has become disconnected, worshipping mindless profit and short-term gratification over happiness and wellbeing. So many of us have lost touch with our communities, the environment, and ourselves.


We’re going to help people regain that connection, starting with their food and its producers.


Together, with the help of our favorite fungi, we will ignite a conscious and engaged community in pursuit of a shared vision for a better world: one where people are recognized and appreciated at every level of society.


Let us come together like a family to share in our successes and support each other in times of need.

Community and connection are at the heart of what we value.



Mindful Mushroom is with and for the community. We are here to learn and grow together. We will always reinvest in community projects that energize our cause.


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Connection to our authentic selves; connection to the food we consume; connection to the planet. Connection is the key to understanding the part we can play in shaping the future.


“Conscious, loving individuals make conscious, loving communities in which no one is exploited or left behind. “




Localisation reduces risks and costs. Localisation reduces global impacts on transportation and manufacturing. Localisation allows you to know the people behind the food you consume every day. We strongly believe in localisation as a way of breaking free from the mindless consumption of the global economy. 




We live now in a system where the Food Chain is one of the most unsustainable industries in the world. We are committed to working solely with ethical and sustainable businesses. Sustainability is a core value of ours and will be factored into every decision we take.


We are open to anyone and everyone who shares our passion for a mindfully guided future. Here, we offer a platform for change-makers. Join our mission if you are ready to challenge perceptions and discover meaningful new connections.

Mindful Mushroom © Created by the Amsterdam community for the Amsterdam community